c o u r s e s

m u s i c a l   a c o u s t i c s


Course Description
General introduction to the science of sound and its application to musical composition and performance. Both vibration (physical world) and sound (perceptual world) will be investigated. The course emphasizes those areas of acoustics where scientific knowledge can enhance musical performance and increase musical awareness. Most topics are approached through relevant musical examples and discussions incorporate basic mathematical and physical concepts. In the examination of musical instruments, the acoustical features of instrument design are related to their function in musical performance, incorporating live performances on a variety of instruments.

Students are introduced to digital sound recording, processing, reproduction, and analysis and apply these skills to acoustical analysis of an instrument of their choice. Depending on the studentsí level of expertise, signal analysis techniques can be combined with musical instrument modeling, offering converging methods of investigation. Special emphasis is placed on the acoustics of non-Western musical instruments. Traditional organology & instrument classification schemes are compared and contrasted to an alternative classification system based on coustical organology. Additional topics include architectural acoustics and the course format combines lectures, audio-visual demonstrations, and discussions.