c o u r s e s

b a s i c   a u d i o   s y s t e m s


Course Description
This course is part of a series of core curriculum courses that deal with fundamental technologies associated with audio systems and components. Course aims to strike a balance between theory, practical applications, and aesthetic appreciation using a structure that includes lectures, class-based activities, and cohort-based work outside of the classroom. Students must pass this course with a grade of C or better in order to continue in the concentration of their choosing. Students will develop and apply college-level vocabulary, mathematics, and critical thinking skills in the context of audio equipment and technology. The major topics covered include:
Microphones/Loudspeakers: technology, application, and operating principles
Audio Signals: technology, measurement, and processing
Critical evaluation of sound, signals, and equipment
Basic Audio System also introduces the students to some of the general concepts associated with circuit simulation using software tools.

Sample Syllabus (.pdf - 94KB)

A series of articles, book chapters, and on-line notes are compiled for the course.