c o u r s e s

a e s t h e t i c s   o f   t h e   m o t i o n   p i c t u r e   s o u n d t r a c k


Course Description
Course examines Classical Hollywood as well as more recent film soundtrack practices, focusing on the interpretation of film sound relative to ‘expectancy’ theories of meaning and emotion. Film sound (i.e. the combination of dialogue, music, sound effects, and silence) is viewed through the perspectives of psychology, aesthetics, and criticism, providing students with opportunities to
•  cultivate and exemplify sharply-honed critical listening/viewing skills,
•  develop a vocabulary for intellectual discussion about a film's soundtrack and use it to articulate ways in which music and image interact,
   within films presented throughout the course, to support interpretation of a film’s narrative,
•  demonstrate understanding of the perceptual processes associated with intellectual and emotional responses to sound and to aural/visual
   composites, and
•  engage in critical discussions of compositional tools and techniques that contribute to effective film sound practices.
The course examines theoretical, aesthetic, and analytical perspectives and does not focus on the mechanics of film sound, addressed in a separate course.

Sample Syllabus (.pdf - 94KB)

A series of articles, book chapters, and on-line notes are compiled for the course.