c o u r s e s

r e c e n t   t r e n d s   i n   m u s i c   e d u c a t i o n   r e s e a r c h


Course Description
The course introduces music education graduate students to recent research, concentrating on examination of research hypotheses, research design methodologies, data analysis, and interpretation. The readings offer opportunities for discussion of teaching strategies in general and ways to incorporate relevant research findings to music teaching in particular. In addition, students familiarize themselves with basic statistical methods and electronic resource search strategies, as these apply to their areas of interest.

Main topics covered:

a) Critical analysis of recent music education research literature
b) Introduction to basic statistical concepts
c) Psychological and cognitive aspects of music learning
d) Electronic resource search strategies
Critical analysis of the readings, regarding content and style, forms a significant part of the course.

Sample Syllabus (.pdf - 178KB)