p a p e r s
p r e s e n t a t i o n s

Vassilakis, P.N (2006b).  Engaging students with multimedia course materials and assessments.  10th Annual Faculty Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Technology. Chicago, IL: DePaul University.

Instructional Issues

1. Make available to students audio, video, and other multimedia resources online.
2. Integrate these multimedia resources seamlessly with the rest of the class material, the learning goals per class meeting/module, and the required assignments.

Learning Activities

Several learning activities will be showcased, reflecting the variety of student needs and learning goals accompanying the various courses that have incorporated multimedia. For example:
1. Listening assignments are posted online and listening is tracked using Blackboard’s item-tracking function.
2. Listening and viewing examples are integrated with lecture notes.
3. Listening examples produced by the instructor are integrated with commercial recordings and textual/musical analysis.
4. Viewing (video or animations) and listening examples form the basis for assignments/quizzes.
5. Embedded animations are used to clarify concepts discussed and interactive animations are used to support practice on the concepts.