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Vassilakis, P.N. and Moore, J. (2006).  Using multimedia instructional materials and frequent assessments to achieve learning.  4th Annual SLATE Conference (Supporting Learning and Technology in Education), Chicago, IL: University of Chicago.

Abstract  (PowerPoint presentation -- vodcast -- coming soon)

Research over the last 10 years indicates several areas in which traditional courses fail, blaming lack of proper assessment tools and an apparent reluctance to using multimedia. It is argued that multimedia instructional materials and systematic and well-designed assessments do not simply enhance instruction. Rather, they are necessary to instruction, especially as the time devoted to individual courses continuously shrinks and the amount of material to be covered grows. The presentation will examine evidence of the failure of traditional courses to support learning, address possible reasons for this failure, and argue that appropriate incorporation of a) multimedia instructional materials and b) frequent and regular assessment of learning throughout the duration of a course, including pretests and detailed feedback, can help combat this failure. Several blackboard-based relevant examples will be presented.