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i n v i t e d   l e c t u r e s

Impact of digital technologies on the creation, distribution, perception, and evaluation of sound and media arts.  Invited presentation at UCLA's School of Music, Department of Ethnomusicology, Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy Colloquium Series.

Abstract  [powerpoint presentation (~2Mb)]
DSP and related technologies have changed the way audio and other media-art works are created, conceptualized, exhibited, reflected upon, understood, and financially exploited. On the surface, similar data streams are used to represent distinct means of communication such as still images, text, sound, or moving images, alone or in various combinations.
What is the impact of this apparent homogenization on each art form's distinctive nature and format?
What type of knowledge and skills can help address the associated ongoing changes to the conceptualization, craft, analysis, functions, meaning, and monetization of sound and related arts and sciences?
Why are broad inter-disciplinary collaborations necessary to this task?
How can such potential be exploited within the customarily inert environment of academic institutions that are largely self-defined through disciplinary boundaries?