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Simmons, D.D., Meenderink, S.W.F., and Vassilakis, P.N. (2006).  Anatomy, physiology, and function of auditory end-organs in the frog inner ear.  In Hearing and Sound Communication in Amphibians, P.M. Narins, A.S. Feng, R.R. Fay, and A.N. Popper, editors: pp. 184-220. Vol. 28 in the series, Springer Handbook of Auditory Research, R.R. Fay, and A.N. Popper, editors. New York: Springer.


Outline  [full chapter in .pdf format]  [Springer website]

Along with editorial contributions to the entire co-authored chapter, Meenderink and I wrote the section on otoacoustic emissions (OAEs), addressing the following main topics:

I_ Overview of OAEs in mammals addressing issues of
a) manifestation and classification,
b) origin and underlying mechanisms, and
c) applications.

II_ Discussion of studies addressing OAEs in frogs by VanDijk, Narins, Meenderink, Vassilakis, and others.

III_ Overview of similarities/differences between mammalian and frog OAEs and examination of their relationship to physiological similarities/differences between the mammalian and the frog ear.

IV_ Link between OAE and other frog inner ear studies in support of (III) and in an effort to deduce OAE mechanisms in the frog and their relationship to frog hearing in general.

V_ Discussion of the results and suggestions for further OAE studies.

The volume was published in September of 2006.