Module 1
Introduction to DOTS and to Online Course Design


1. Overview & Objectives

Printer-friendly Module 1 (.pdf file; 27 pages)
Estimated time to complete Module 1: ~8 hours

Video Overview of Module 1

[ Transcript - Duration: 2'30"]


  • Introducing DOTS: Instructional design principles, case studies, best practices, and supporting technologies for online course design and delivery
  • Building an online class community
  • Evaluating online course design using clearly delineated quality standards
  • Project- and team-based learning (ongoing throughout DOTS)
  • Hardware and software tour of your new tablet computer


  • Familiarize yourselves with the overall goals, structure, and expectations of DOTS
  • Demonstrate understanding of the online instructional design process as it relates to DOTS
  • Identify and experience strategies for community building in your online courses, while being cognizant of the accessibility issues confronting online students with disabilities
  • Identify, interpret, and apply the online-course-design evaluation standards, outlined by Quality Matters (short form)
  • Participate in asynchronous student-student interactions, in low- and high-stakes contexts
  • Get acquainted with your new tablet computer and identify its main hardware and software components and functions

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