Module 2
Objectives, Assessments, Resources, and their Alignment


1. Overview & Objectives

Printer-friendly Module 2 (.pdf file; 34 pages)
Estimated time to complete Module 2: ~7 hours per week, for two weeks

Video Overview of Module 2

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  • Distilling course-level topics and learning goals into focused and interrelated module-level learning objectives
  • Designing high-stakes activities (i.e. assignments) that effectively, efficiently, and in varied ways assess student learning with respect to the defined objectives
  • Tightly aligning objectives, assignments, and resources
  • Exploring video and synchronous online-interaction tools


  • Recognize the relationship between learning goals and objectives and the reasons for defining clear and focused learning objectives
  • Identify the features of effective learning objectives
  • Identify, interpret, and apply the learning-objectives standards outlined by Quality Matters
  • Recognize whether sample learning activities (i.e. assignments) are tightly aligned with learning objectives and clearly assess student accomplishment
  • Compose assessments that effectively, efficiently, and in varied ways address a given set of learning objectives, using the Quality Matters standards for online assessments, resources, and engagement  
  • Participate in asynchronous student-student and student-instructor interactions, in low- and high-stakes contexts
  • Get acquainted with your PC's webcam and with Viddler, an easy-to-use, Web-based, video sharing service
  • Get acquainted with Wimba, the synchronous online-communication tool available through Blackboard

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