Module 3
Structuring the Online Experience and Managing Expectations


1. Overview & Objectives

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Estimated time to complete Module 3: ~8 hours

Video Overview of Module 3

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  • Creating effective online-course syllabi
  • Creating orientation, technical-support, interaction, communication, and other guiding resources, and incorporating them to online courses
  • Structuring the online student experience: establishing frequent graded milestones and a clear sense of course progression
  • Managing instructor time and student expectations and satisfaction in the online learning environment


  • Compose an online-course syllabus and recognize the components that make it effective and may distinguish it from a face-to-face course syllabus
  • Compose a course-orientation document (e.g. a Start Here page) and recognize its relationship to the course syllabus
  • Compose technical-support, interaction, communication, and other guiding resources and recognize when/where/how to present them to your online students
  • Recognize the importance of creating and clearly communicating to your online students a milestone-driven course progression
  • Recognize how accomplishing the previous objectives supports more effective and efficient use of your time and higher student understanding of and satisfaction with an online course; consult the Quality Matters standards for course overview and learner engagement and support
  • Participate in synchronous and asynchronous online interactions, in low- and high-stakes contexts

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