Module 6
Drafting your Courses and Concluding DOTS - What's Next?


1. Overview & Objectives

Printer-friendly Module 6 (.pdf file; 5 pages)
Estimated time to complete Module 6: ~8 hours

Video Overview of Module 6

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  • Incorporating concepts, practical ideas, and technologies introduced in DOTS to your courses
  • Conducting synchronous online presentations (tentative)
  • Identifying technology tools and skills that need follow-up
  • Exploring the learning potential of blogs and wikis
  • Preparing for the next phase of DOTS: course development and review


  • Draft your upcoming course using the materials, assignments, and annotated Quality Matters rubrics introduced in DOTS
  • Conduct a synchronous online presentation that outlines your course draft to the DOTS participants (tentative)
  • Identify online-teaching knowledge, skills, and technology tools on which you would like further assistance and/or training
  • Get acquainted with the functionality and learning uses of blogs and wikis
  • Become familiar with the course design, development, and review steps that follow the DOTS workshop series

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