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Rites of Passage - Cover Paintings by Gregory Papazafiriou   

The Chinese Cultural Center is a leading Chinese arts organization in the UK. It organizes and produces numerous events in the realm of performing arts, including two major annual festivals: The Chinese Moon Festival (Sept.) and the Chinese New Year Festival (Jan.-Feb.). In addition, it administers the London Chinese Orchestra (LCO) and the Chinese Dance & Mime Theater Company.
Pantelis Vassilakis's first commission with LCO was to compose, arrange, and record an original dance-piece to open the 1993 Chinese New Year Festival, based on my compositions for the English National Ballet. The dance was broadcast on BBC TV, channel 2 (1/94), during a program dedicated to the London Chinese New Year celebrations.

This project was followed by a commission to compose, arrange, and conduct the music for LCO's 1994 London concert tour.  London Arts Board recognized the work with its award for Innovative Approaches to Non-Western Musical Traditions.
The tour premiered at the South Bank Center, under the title New Approaches to Musical Tradition. It introduced an ensemble that included five LCO members (performing on pipa, erhu, dizi, guzheng and yangqing), a string trio, a mixture of Chinese and Latin-American percussion, and a series of synthesizer modules and pre-recorded tapes. Pantelis conducted the orchestra, touring London for two months in a variety of venues that included concert halls (e.g. the "Purcell Room," Royal Festival Hall), as well as popular night clubs (e.g. "HQ," Camden Lock). The material was recorded at Gateway Studios and was distributed under the title "Rites of Passage."
m u s i c Burning Sun  / The Dance of the Moon  Keep Talking 
A Dream of Light  / Raindrops and Storm  / She does not Allow Herself to Understand  Crystal Walls  /