Module 4
Student-Centered, Project-Based, and Team-Based Learning


1. Overview & Objectives

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Estimated time to complete Module 4: ~8 hours

Video Overview of Module 4

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  • Learning through discovery: student-centered and project-based learning
  • Learning through interaction: peer instruction and discussion- and team-based learning
  • Exploring technologies that support engaging and productive online conversations


  • Recognize the close relationship of learner engagement and motivation to task frequency, format, variety, complexity, and reward
  • Identify the key elements of student-centered and project-based learning, recognize the benefits of the ensuing learning-through-discovery, and identify practical ways to nurture such learning in the online environment
  • Recognize the learning and time-management benefits of online discussion activities, group work, peer instruction, and instructor feedback during the assignment-drafting process
  • Compose discussion-based and other learning activities that incorporate the strategies introduced in this module
  • Participate in asynchronous online interactions, in low- and high-stakes contexts
  • Get acquainted with VoiceThread, a tool that facilitates online conversations around media (e.g. images, videos, presentations, documents, etc.)

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