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(algorithm off-line since 12/2019 - working to restore)

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SRA is a web application that calculates the auditory roughness of sound signals, based on a roughness calculation model by Dr. Pantelis N. Vassilakis.  Sound files are analyzed using a spectral analysis method developed by Dr. Kelly Fitz & colleagues, and the spectral parameters are fed to the roughness calculation model.  Programmed by Kelly Fitz and coordinated by Drs. Jonathan Middleton and Pantelis N. Vassilakis.
Read the roughness model description and the instructions associated with each step of the application (...details links). Failure to do so will guarantee invalid analysis results. 
Contact Pantelis N. Vassilakis for more.

Upload an uncompressed mono sound file for frequency and roughness analysis (12Mb)

  File Upload:


Select the frequency resolution (bandwidth) of the analysis.
Default setting: 10Hz

  Frequency Analysis Resolution:


Configure the amplitudes of the spectral components to be used in the roughness calculation.
Default settings:
A: No    B: 0 (blank)

  A. Spectral Amplitude Normalization:
  B. Spectral Amplitude Threshold
      (leave blank for 0):


Click the appropriate button to calculate A. a single roughness value and spectrum at the specified time or B. a roughness and spectral profile at the specified time intervals.
Default settings:
A: Center of the file;    B: 250ms

A. At  milliseconds
(blank: the file's mid-point)
B. Every  milliseconds